Apply to the Pear Accelerator

Winter 2020 & Summer 2020 programs accepting applications

Application Process

  1. Submit as soon as you can to be considered for one of the limited slots. We will review the application and decide whether to invite you to the next step.
  2. 10-minute interview with Pear partners via Zoom. No slides! We'll review the interview and decide whether to invite you to the final interview.
  3. 30-minute interview with the Pear partnership face-to-face. You should treat this similar to any early-stage pitch meeting. We recommend having a few slides for this meeting.
  4. We review all we've learned and decide whether to accept you into the program.
  5. Execute standardized legal paperwork - a convertible note and side letter - that officially enrolls you in the program.

Application Requirements

There are a few requirements for you to get the most out of the Pear Accelerator:

  1. You and your co-founders are working full-time on your company
  2. You will work out of Pear's Palo Alto office for the duration of the program. We can host your whole team!
  3. You have or will create a Delaware C corporation for your company

Application Timeline

Winter 2020

Summer 2020*

Now - January 27

Now - June 8

Applications accepted. We will close applications when we fill up, so apply early!

Now - February 3

Now - June 15

First and second rounds of interviews with Pear partners

February 6

June 18

Last acceptances sent out

February 11

June 23

Program starts!

Program Timeline

Winter 2020

Summer 2020*

February 11

June 23

Program kicks off

February 11 - May 1

June 23 - September 10

Regular office hours, speakers, workshops, external mentors, and social events

May 4 - May 11

September 14 - September 21

Demo day preparations

May 12

September 22

Demo Day

May 13 - June 8

September 23 - October 19

Continued office hours and content focused on fundraising process

* Summer 2020 dates are tentative
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