Design with ambition - Aurora is a one stop application for solar sales and engineering. Generate a full design from as little as an address and an electric bill.


  • We met Chris and Sam at while they were in the Stanford Venture Studio Program at the Graduate School of Business (where Mar is a mentor). We were impressed by the big vision they had for solving one of the solar industry’s biggest challenges: being able to design the optimal solar installation for any location in the world, without leaving the office.
  • The team had real world experience of this problem. While in graduate school they spent a summer designing a solar installation for a school in Kenya and they suffered first-hand the pain of having to get up on roofs to take measurements.
  • They quickly realized that appropriate software would cut the cost and increase the accuracy of their installation. Aurora was born of that experience, and is now used by professional solar installers to design over 6,500 projects a week
  • A few months after we met them, we received an email from Chris and Sam asking us if they could work out of our hackerspace in downtown Palo Alto. They ended up staying for 18 months, participating in our community events and contributing to our peer sharing culture incoming teams
  • We worked with them side-by-side and decided to lead their seed round. We introduced them to several co-investors and connected them to a range of strategic mentors and advisors.