Aurora Solar


Aurora is building the platform for the power source of the future.

Company Summary:

Over $20Bn a year in the US ($200Bn globally) is spent on developing solar projects through a fragmented network of solar installers, who work with financiers, equipment manufacturers, engineering service providers and more. Inefficiencies associated with the solar design and sales process means that a solar installation costs twice as much as it should.

Aurora’s software saves solar installers significant time and money by allowing them to avoid visiting a site before making a quote.  With the solar industry forecasted to grow over 5x over the next decade, Aurora will be the platform through which every new installation is designed, sold, financed and serviced.


Currently 1 in 5 residential solar projects is designed in Aurora, which is forecasted to grow to 75% over the next 3 years. Stated differently, over $3Bn a month of solar is designed on our platform. Current customers include over 1,000 SMBs, as well as publicly traded firms like SunPower and financial institutions like Sunnova.


Aurora’s has developed SmartRoof, an algorithm that converts two dimensional spatial graphs into 3D models using aerial, satellite imagery, and LIDAR data, and AutoDesigner - an algorithm that automatically designs the optimal installation for a given rooftop. Aurora’s software has been certified to be statistically equivalent to on-site measurement by the US Department of Energy, and other government bodies.


Aurora’s CEO/CTO, Christopher Hopper, has a Stanford MBA and MEng from Imperial College and is a Forbes 30 under 30 in 2016.  Aurora’s COO/CRO, Samuel Adeyemo, has a Stanford MBA/MSc. Aurora has 43 employees (24 engineers) primarily from Stanford and CMU, including national award winning computer vision engineers and scientists.


Founders: Samuel Adeyemo, Chris Hopper