We are
looking for
the next generation of

female engineer entrepreneurs

New Spring 2021 cohort launching soon!
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An intimate founder circle of female engineers, guided by successful female founders and leaders.

Eight bi-weekly hybrid sessions every Wednesday from March to June

Hilary Kivitz

Former A16Z Crypto Partner, Legal Advisor to Startups

Elizabeth Stark

CEO and Founder of
Lightning Labs, Fellow at Coin Center

Magdalena Yesil

First investor and Founding Board of Salesforce, Board of Informed, SoFi

Magi Richani

CEO and Founder of
Nobell Foods, Pear Founder

Katherine Liu

CEO and Co-Founder of FormFunction, Pear Founder

Melissa Zhang

CTO and Co-Founder of Bonfire
Pear Founder

Nicole Alonso

CTO and Co-Founder of Paysail, Pear Founder

Lily Zhang

Senior Director of Engineering of Instacart, Founding team of FB Stories

Varsha Rao

CEO of NuRx, Former COO of Clover Health

Shadi Rostami

SVP of Engineering of Amplitude,
Former VP of Palo Alto Networks

Liz Burstein

CEO and Co-Founder of Neura
Health, Pear Founder

Kristin Fortney

CEO and Co-Founder of Bioage,
Pear Founder

Ciara Peter

VP Product of Medallia, Former VP Product of Gainsight and Betterworks

Kristin Tedford

Co-Founder of BoldEcho,
30 years of speech coaching

Intimate fireside chats with visionary Female leaders and founders

Learn from tactical company-building and storytelling workshops


Managing Partner at
Pear VC


Partner at
Lux Capital


Partner at
Lightspeed Venture Partners

Anne Lee Skates

Partner at
A16z Consumer

Gain valuable perspectives from top female partner VCs on what they look for

Margarita Golod

Visiting Partner at Pear VC,
Head of Trade Marketing at Houzz

Lucy Zhang

Visiting Partner at Pear VC, 
Founding Engineer at FB Messenger

Ajay Kamat

Partner at Pear VC,
Co-Founder of Wedding Party

Pedram Keyani

Visiting Partner at Pear VC,
Former VP of Engineering of FB and Uber

Learn from Pear Partners on go to market strategy, finding product/market fit, building a team

Kendra & Sarah

Co-founders of Maker Wine
Pear Founders

Curated social events like wine tastings and intimate dinners

Who are we looking for?

  • Female or non-binary engineering background
  • Actively working on a startup idea full time or part time outside of work
  • A few years out of school

How much does it cost?

  • This program requires no upfront cash cost, but our goal is to partner with you in the long term.
  • We expect individuals to commit ~2 hours every other Wednesday from March to June and attend all events.

Feel free to reach out with any questions to vivien@pear.vc. We look forward to reviewing your applications!

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