Tech-enabled Real Estate Brokerage that has been redefining the experience of buying and selling properties in Brazil.

Company Summary:

Buying or selling Residential Real Estate in Brazil is an extremely stressful and inefficient experience. For millions of people, this is the most important transaction of their lives, however there are information asymmetry, bureaucracy, informality, lack of information, unprofessional brokers, safety issues and many other issues. The sector is complex and involves many intermediaries with bad reputation. At the same time, Brazil is a massive market with untapped opportunities.

For home sellers and buyers, EmCasa delivers a superior user experience through technology and data analytics. For agents, EmCasa has developed a platform - processes, tools & systems - that increases brokers' efficiency in 12x and redefines Real Estate Brokerage in Brazil. EmCasa has currently operations in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


Founders: Gustavo Vaz and Lucas Cardozo

Contact: gustavo.vaz@emcasa.com