Instaread takes New York Times best sellers and turns them into 15 minute ebook and audiobook summaries.



  • We first met Rahul and Vishnu by chance during a break at the post seed conference. We were immediately struck by their passion for the publishing space and their determination to innovate and build a product people loved.
  • After visiting the team, learning about their backgrounds and mission, we made a preseed investment to get involved and help them create the infrastructure to build a large company.
  • The team launched a couple of ideas in this vertical and went through a period of learning where they saw some indications of product market fit. After continuing to develop their thesis on the space, they decided to pivot to focus on the areas where they were seeing the most success. It was out of this exercise that the team developed Instaread.
  • People quickly became addicted to Instaread and began purchasing them in high volumes. The company started to bring in serious revenue but had to figure out how to scale their operation.
  • We worked together to identify the key areas of the operation that needed to be adjusted to massively scale the business. The team came up with an operating plan to take a product that was working and turn it into a huge company.
  • Having gotten to know the team for many months, and after working together on the operating plan, we supported the team by leading their seed round. They’ve quickly grown the team, released a successful mobile application and have scaled their operation to reach millions of people.