Bring your charter operation to the speed of flight.


  • We met Dave through his application to our Pear LaunchPad in 2015. At the time, he had applied as a solo founder out of the Stanford GSB. He was a frequent attendee to our Speaker Series and had been working on his project for the last two years; he was committed to making it a success. Through the program, we mentored Dave on a weekly basis, becoming actively involved in his company’s product iterations, go-to-market strategy, and recruiting. That summer, we introduced him to his now co-founder and CTO Lou Montulli who at the time was a mentor in Pear LaunchPad. Lou is a successful four-time founder, who has always led engineering from day one. Plus Lou loved aviation and was a former pilot himself!
  • Pear LaunchPad provided Dave and Lou with mentors from our trusted network and full-time office space in our “hacker studio.” They participated in workshops, speaker series and other social events with their peers.
  • At the end of the summer, we introduced and recommended them to our contacts at the marketplace accelerator NFX. David and Lou were accepted into the NFX’s Winter 2016 batch.
  • JetInsight has since raised its seed round (including an investment from Pear), and continues to grow its team and customer base.