We are a new skincare brand and we play by our own rules (mainly science!) to make no-B.S. skincare easily accessible.

Company Summary:

The beauty industry is ripe for change and that change is us.

When it comes to cosmetics, there is almost no regulation around what ingredients brands can and can’t use, and what claims they can and can’t make. Misinformation is the name of the game. We believe in the radical notion that if you create a brand rooted in transparency, science, and education, you empower women to make decisions out of confidence than out of fear. And it is that confidence and brand experience that will drive fierce loyalty.


We are the selfie generation. Our appetite for beauty is insatiable, and our demand for transparency is non-negotiable. Out of the $14B that was spent on skincare in the US last year, over $7B came from millennial spend. And while beauty is a massive, mature market, raking in over $445B every year globally, the industry is quickly shaking up in response to changing consumer demand. While incumbents lose market share, independent brands like Mirra are gaining steam.

Product + Traction:

At Mirra, our first ingredient is community.  

Last summer, we launched our first product: a weekly skincare newsletter. The newsletter very quickly took on a life of its own, and has rapidly grown to over 100,000+ subscribers through referrals and partnerships, and our click and open rates are well above the industry average. Each week, we myth-bust the latest trends, decode popular ingredients, and do our part by to change the conversation around beauty standards by highlighting interviews with body activists and change makers.  

Our community is so passionate about Mirra that they’ve driven us to host meetups in person. So far, we’ve hosted events in three cities: New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Without spending a dollar on marketing, our last event had a waiting list that was over three times what we had the capacity for. Our message is resonating and our community

And now, after a year of listening to our community, we are doubling down to formulate our first set of physical products: a cleanser, moisturizer and a sunscreen to re-formulate the basics with their skin in mind. We hold ourselves to unprecedented standards of formulation -- we marry the effectiveness from the clinical world, with the safety of the natural world --- to create breakthrough formulas that market has never seen. Our goal at Mirra is to continue to build our community, listen to what they feel is missing from their routines, and to bring those products to life.


We are founded by an ex-Stanford, ex-VC 20-something who enjoys growth hacking almost as much as she loves curling up with a nice clinical study. While the company is young, our experience runs deep. Our team comes from Bustle, Refinery29, Birchbox, Ipsy and The Honest Company.

We are the beauty nerds. We are the feminists. We are the rebels and we’re here for your beauty routine.


Founders: Katia Ameri

Contact: founders@askmirra.com