09.04.2017 | At Pear demo day, a who’s who of VCs, and plenty of fresh ideas

TechCrunch summarizes our 2017 Pear Demo Day.

09.01.2016 | At Pear Demo Day, 13 companies to watch 

TechCrunch summarizes our 13 Launchpad companies. 

08.16.2016 | Pejman Mar rebrands as it unveils a $75 million new fund

Pejman Mar becomes Pear, as we announce our second fund. 

08.16.2016 | Let’s Pear Up

Today we are changing our name from Pejman Mar Ventures to Pear!

04.23.2016 | The 2016 Midas Bring List

Huge congrats to Mar for making the 2016 @forbes Midas Brink List!

04.23.2016 | Start up. Drop out. Welcome to the Garage.

Fortune visits the Startup Garage

04.11.2016 | Read more Books with Instaread!

We're extremely excited to announce our latest investment in Instaread!

02.02.2016 | Tech’s Most Unlikely Venture Capitalist

Pejman shares his life story! 

11.05.2015 | How VCs Are Cracking The Code On Millennials

Pear wins the hearts and minds of millennials! 

09.12.2014 | In Palo Alto, a Micro Community in the Making

Strictly VC attends Demo Day.