Orion Span


Orion Span is building Aurora Station, the World's Private Space Platform.


Orion Span will Build and Sustain the World’s First Private Space Platform for Tourists, Astronauts, and Zero Gravity Research. Called Aurora Station, our IP and operational model enable us to be one full order of magnitude less cost than the nearest competitor and four orders of magnitude less than government.


The International Space Station (ISS) is heavily backlogged today and will close in 5 years. With that, tourists have no destination. Astronauts worldwide have nowhere to operate & train. Space research cannot be conducted.


We will build a turnkey, modular, and scalable Space Station. It will be pre-loaded on the ground for immediate service upon launch. Aurora Station will include berths for astronauts and space tourists and racks for space research. As demand increases, our scalable design allows us to simply attach another of the same station. Simplifying into a single design reaps drastically simplified operations. Tourist price points start at $9.5M. Professional astronaut price points start at $60M. For all customers, Orion Span provides a white glove end to end service to book all elements of their journey, including reserving their launch with a launch provider like SpaceX.


This market is worth over $10 billion annually.


We have garnered 26 space tourists on our waitlist. We also gathered broad media coverage, with over 1,500 outlets covering us around the world. We have signed MOUs with 4 partners and have 3 more in progress.


We hired the people who built the ISS. Frank Bunger, CEO, is an expert marketer and brings executive startup leadership from zero to 8 digit revenue. Our chief architect, Frank Eichstadt, architected the ISS Enterprise module. David Jarvis, CTO, is a spacecraft systems expert who designed and built systems for the ISS for 13 years. Our COO, Marv LeBlanc, was former general manager working on NASA’s Orion spacecraft. Lastly, we have several advisors, including a former Head of NASA ISS.


Founders: Frank Bunger

Contact: Founders@OrionSpan.com