Big Brains in Small Devices.

Company Summary:

Polarr is a computational photography company focusing on computer graphics, computer vision (C.V.) and A.I. The company has created one of the most successful and two-time best of Apple App Store winning pro photography app; in the meantime developing its own Polarr Vision Engine for internal usage as well as helping others to build immersive C.V. experiences on the edge.

Polarr Vision Engine includes a rich set of self-trained neural network models by Polarr, and each model is compressed and optimized for size, ram usage, and power consumption for edge deployment both on iOS and Android.  

Polarr Vision Engine has already been adopted by some of the largest public consumer electronics companies in China, Korea, and United States, and is currently expanding to customers in drone, home appliances, e-commerce and image storage solutions.

Polarr's CEO, Borui Wang has an M.S. in AI and HCI from Stanford, is an ex-Googler at Youtube, and is a Forbes 30 Under 30 2016. Polarr's  CTO, Derek Yan, has an M.S. in EE from Stanford, and is an ex-Googler in ATAP. Polarr's 24 member team are experts in C.V. and computational photography, and it is comprised of graduates and PhDs from companies and institutions including: Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, and Baidu.


Founders: Borui Wang

Contact: founders@polarr.co