Artificial intelligence driven medical records platform

FGspire is an AI-driven medical records platform. Our artificial intelligence autonomously takes patient encounter notes for doctors like an observing nurse. Every hour a doctor actually spends face-to-face with a patient right now, they spend an additional two hours documenting their encounter onto their Electronic Health Record (EHR). Doctors hate this. In fact, 53% of doctors say that their EHR is their single biggest frustration on the job. With FGspire, doctors can focus solely on patients during their appointment and only need to spend a few seconds at the end of every visit to review the notes taken for him/her by our AI before signing them.

We launched Vetspire (https://vetspire.com/), our first product and a fully-featured AI-driven medical records platform, to the 60,000-strong veterinarian market in the United States. Unfettered by the regulatory burdens of human medicine, we can iterate rapidly on our technology and curate an ideal and proven experience for doctors while enabling our AI’s rich learning in an underserved and yearning market. While doing this, we are able to understand patients’ health and treatment in a structured, analyzable manner to create an open platform of NLP-annotated and AI-structured medical data that allows researchers to query structured patient records. The unparalleled scale and depth of this data would empower doctors to have unprecedented access to impact patient outcomes and conduct population health analyses—all while making their lives easier.

Our cofounders, Faraz Fadavi and Sam Ginn, are AI researchers at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Stanford Natural Language Processing Group. You can contact them with any questions, comments, or inquiries at founders@fgspire.com.