AI assistant that generates notes for your meeting calls

Problem: 2.6B meetings and 2.5B conference calls are held every year in the US. People spend 40% of their working time in meetings but waste 1/3 of the meeting time being distracted. The problem is that it is extremely hard to focus on the conversations while taking notes for important information.

HearInsights Solution: HearInsights is an AI assistant that will dial into your meeting and deliver the meeting note in your mailbox.

The software collects conversation data, transcribes the entire meeting and extracts out insights, such as action items and questions, automatically using our machine learning model. HearInsights provides an sleek interface that allows users to easily collaborate, edit and share the notes to all the stakeholders.

Traction: We have 4 companies and 55 users on the platform. We have processed 720 meetings up to date. Users are using it for internal meetings, financial research, sales and customer calls.

Market: The immediate market we are going for, sales, customer support and internal meeting, is a $40B TAM.


Morgan Lai: MIT BS and MEng in EECS with focus in AI. Spent the past few years of her career doing relevant NLP research.

Sathish Nagappan: Cornell BS and Stanford MS in EECS with focus in AI. Researcher at Andrew Ng’s Lab and Machine Learning Engineer at Nervana Systems.