Pando Pooling


Career risk pooling

I’ve chosen a career with a 10% success rate.  Where is my protection?

At Pando, we protect people like me, in high volatility careers. We group people with similar expected values in pools, and individuals pledge a portion of future earnings to be divided equally.  If someone in the pool succeeds, everyone shares in the upside.

Our model is particularly appealing in “superstar” industries, where a small number of winners capture most of the value.  Those in superstar industries face terrible odds and are asked to bet future financial security on a coin flip.  In all other areas of our life, we protect ourself from extreme risk.  Why should our careers be different?

We believe pooling will become as ubiquitous as auto insurance.  To start, we have chosen baseball and entrepreneurship as our beachhead markets.  The long run vision is to build a platform where anyone, in any high variance career, can come and pool their career risk.

Traction: (In the past 4 weeks)

  • 30 startup entrepreneurs signed to LOIs
  • 19 baseball players signed to LOIs
  • LOIs represent future revenues of over $800K
  • Conversations with player agents, financial advisors, MLBPA, and top incubators

Case Study:

A first round MLB draft pick has expected career earnings of $30+ million, but a historical 44% chance of never making the majors. This is a big deal because players in the minors make below minimum wage.  We pool picks 11-20 together and get them to commit 10% of their future earnings to their shared pool.  We are offering the vulnerable a more secure financial future.