Siren Snacks

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harnessing the power of plants to build the next generation food

Siren re-creates the foods and flavors people love using clean, plant-based ingredients.

For its inaugural line of products, Siren has re-imagined the protein bar and developed a line of indulgent, bite-sized snacks using a proprietary blend of protein derived from peas.  

The protein used in Siren's bites is extremely bioavailable, easy to digest, and has a negligible environmental impact relative to protein derived from dairy or eggs. Siren's products are also allergen-friendly and made using only natural, gluten-free, grain-free, and non-GMO ingredients.  

Siren sold out of its first production run within a matter of weeks, but is now offering its plant-based protein bites online through

Additionally, Siren has partnered with a select group of retailers in California to sell its line of protein bites in flavors like Cookie Dough and Lemon Poppyseed.

Siren was founded by Elizabeth and Abby Giannuzzi, a team of sisters who were frustrated with the artificial ingredients, processed fillers, and lack of plant-based options in the protein bar aisle. Prior to launching Siren, Elizabeth obtained her MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and worked at Sonoma Brands, a food incubator and investor in better-for-you snack brands. Abby has a degree in Product Design Engineering from Stanford University and has worked at the intersection of food and technology for companies including Google Shopping Express, Farmigo, and Immaculate Baking.