Superpowering teachers with automated feedback on classroom discussions

TeachFX superpowers teachers’ work by providing them with automated feedback on the discussions that are happening in their classrooms.

TeachFX was founded by Jamie Poskin, a former English and math teacher, tech entrepreneur, and recent graduate of Stanford’s MBA and MA in Education programs. His co-founder is Berk Coker, a machine learning engineer with a BS/MS in Computer Science from Stanford who has served as a Teaching Assistant for Andrew Maas and Dan Jurafsky’s advanced level Natural Language Processing courses.

Increasing student talk time in classrooms is a top priority for educators — which makes sense because research shows that the more students speak in class, the more they learn. So, our first product uses machine learning to visualize for teachers which portions of their class are teacher talk vs. student talk. In the initial tests we ran with teachers this spring, the results were highly accurate — using just the smartphone microphone, TeachFX was within 1-2 percentage points of actual talk time. And 100% of teachers reported that TeachFX helped them improve their teaching by encouraging them to create more student-centered classrooms.

Soon, we will give teachers feedback on more aspects of their pedagogy, like whether the teacher is asking open-ended or closed questions, whether unconscious biases are surfacing in the classroom, how well each individual student is participating, and more. Our goal is to help people become better teachers through daily feedback, and to transform the broken $20B teacher professional development industry.

This fall, we’re launching a pilot, and the enthusiasm from teachers about our product has been incredible:

  • So far, we’ve spoken with 178 teachers to see if they’d like to join the pilot, and 178 have signed up.
  • We’ve met with 4 teacher training programs about piloting with their teachers, and all 4 have signed up.
  • After our pilot, we already have 3 partnerships in place with larger edtech companies to scale rapidly by directly reaching their user bases of over 2.5M teachers.

At TeachFX, our mission is to use technology to empower teachers, improve the lives of students, and create a better world.