Yada is a platform for Gen Z to share and gather advice from peers.

Company Summary:

Teens don't use Google to find advice. When one searches for something like a skin care routine or "how to get over a breakup," searchers often find questionable advice from unknown sources. After all, search engines often serve the lowest common denominator rather than cater to your exact tastes. This is good for dictionary entries but poor for opinionated information.

As a result, young people turn to their peers and affinity groups on Instagram and Snapchat. Yet these platforms were designed for pure visuals, not information.

Yada exists to serve the curious teen. We're building a platform that allows for the easy creation of threads, taking advantage of all the rich media that exists today. Yada also serves as a notebook to save and curate these lists of tips for future reference and sharing with friends.

The founders, Brian and Brandon Truong, are brothers. This is Brian's second venture-backed startup. He graduated from Harvard in Human Evolutionary Biology and Computer Science, received the Thiel Fellowship, and previously worked at Blackstone, Prefer, and Bessemer. Brandon was a Junior at Stanford studying Symbolic Systems and Computer Science prior to taking a leave of absence. Before starting college, he was the youngest engineer at Udacity and previously worked on the engineering teams of Buzzfeed and Apptopia.


Founders: Brian Truong, Brandon Truong

Contact: founders@helloyada.com