Amazon Go-like checkout-free shopping for every retailer.

Company Summary:

Zippin has built next-generation checkout-free technology to enable retailers to quickly deploy frictionless shopping in their stores. Our patent-pending approach uses AI, machine learning and sensor fusion technology to create the best consumer experience: banishing checkout lines and self-scanners for good, and letting shoppers zip in and out with their purchases. Zippin’s platform leverages product and shopper tracking through overhead cameras, as well as smart shelf sensors, for the highest level of accuracy even in crowded stores.

Founded by industry veterans from Amazon, SRI and VMware with deep backgrounds in AI, computer vision and retail, Zippin is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by reputed silicon valley investors. Zippin launched San Francisco’s first checkout-free store in August and is currently working with multiple retailers to bring frictionless shopping to stores around the world.

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