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Zubale is a platform that empowers companies to make better product decisions in emerging markets.

Company Summary:

In emerging markets, brands do not have the true data and insights they need about consumers or a pipeline to get there. They rely on multiple agencies who are slow and expensive causing product development cycles to take over 3 yrs. At the same time, billions of people now own smartphones in emerging markets but according to industry reports by the GSMA 60% run out of the data and can’t afford more.

Zubale is a marketplace that connects companies directly with consumers on their smartphones to crowdsource multiple digital tasks in exchange for rewards. Companies receive real-time insights from consumers to make faster confident decisions and consumers earn mobile phone credit and other digital rewards. Think “Amazon Mechanical Turk” for consumer brands.

Companies join our platform and choose from a portfolio of tasks they would like to crowdsource. We have something for each team from sales operations audits, to marketing product trial activitations, to mobile market research studies. We publish your task and match you with users so you can get the insights you need in days. Users simply download our mobile app and can start completing tasks and playing games to begin earning right away.

This is a massive opportunity. Companies spend over $700B annually to reach consumers in emerging markets with poor results. Latin America represents 17% of this spend of $116 B and targeting 1% penetration across the region get us to the $1B in revenue. Today, there are over 3.5 billion mobile internet users in emerging markets which is projected to grow to 5 billion in the next two years.

We launched our mobile app three weeks ago and have had over 13,500 tasks for brands completed by users. Users can choose from a host of digital rewards from cell phone data to Amazon gift cards to online movie tickets. Several brands are sponsoring rewards, with many more in the pipeline.

The founders both personally experienced this brand pain point while working at two of the worlds biggest companies (Walmart and P&G) We have over 15 years of domain expertise on developing, launching and selling new products to consumers. Allison launched and ran businesses for Walmart across 25 countries and Sebastian led sales teams for P&G in Mexico and across Latin America. During international assignments, we saw firsthand the lack of resources to connect meaningfully with consumers and the huge leapfrog in smartphone adoption. We met during our MBA at Harvard Business School and founded Zubale.

We believe this leapfrog has changed the game. Zubale enables direct engagement to accelerate brand decision making and empower consumers to access and earn in the new digital economy.

Go to www.zubale.com today to download our app.


Founders: Allison Campbell, Sebastian Monroy

Contact: founders@zubale.com