Anand Iyer

Visiting Partner

nand is a Visiting Partner at Pear. Before joing Pear, Anand was the CEO & co-founder of Trusted, a child care marketplace. Trusted was acquired by in 2018, and subsequently by IAC in 2020. Anand has founded multiple companies including Threadflip (RIP) and Hitpost (acquired by Yahoo!), and cut his teeth building products at companies like Microsoft and Cisco. He has a degree in Computer Engineering from Purdue University. Anand and his wife, Shreya, are also active angel investors, advisors to startups, and limited partners in several seed stage venture capital firms.

Anand's focus areas are marketplaces, consumer tech and cryptocurrency, specifically in decentralized finance (DeFi). He loves working with entrepreneurs at the earliest stages and helping founders think through product, go-to-market and hiring.

Outside of work, Anand is usually trying to keep up with his daughter's chess skills or trying to up level his dad joke skills. Physical and mental health are big priorities in the Iyer household - Anand enjoys working out and practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM).

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