How We Invest

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty or write the first check. We pride ourselves on having an eye for great potential, and that’s given us the freedom to nurture talent from the very beginning. Pear has created an environment and community where we not only share knowledge, resources, and networks, but also help out founders navigate obstacles and create pivoting strategies. We invest in our companies every step of the way. 


01 SOIL (pre-seed) 

Our life stories have taught us the importance of taking risks early and often. We've developed the ability to recognize patterns--ways to identify smart entrepreneurs with promising ideas--even before they have developed a product or established a customer base. At Soil (also referred to as pre-seed), we help our founders develop their ideas into products and take them to market.

Investment Size: up to $500K



Once talented entrepreneurs have developed a strong idea, they need to build the foundation for growth. We help them build the strong, diverse teams required to build category-defining companies. We further help founders identify their product market fit, and collaborate with them in crafting plans to attract sustained, happy customers. 

Investment Size: $500K - $1.5M



When the fruits of a team's labor have paid off--when a company has successfully figured out their product/market fit--we’re there to drive the major fundraising milestone. We work to scale companies with proven product lines.

Investment Size: $750K - $3M