Arpan Shah

Visiting Partner

rpan is an angel investor, advisor and technology leader who is passionate about innovations in finance and technology. As a visiting partner, Arpan enjoys helping founders to think through team growth, technology tradeoffs and building products in regulated environments within the intricacies of financial infrastructure.

Arpan grew up in India and moved to the US to do his Bachelors and Masters at Stanford. Arpan started his career as part of the founding team at Robinhood where he helped start the data organization. Arpan led areas across Data Platforms, Experimentation, and Data Products at Robinhood. His teams contributed to important innovations such as such as the Newsfeed, Unified Search and Market Data Notifications as well as internal platform tools across the analytics ecosystem including open source contributions such as the Faust streaming library. Arpan helped Robinhood grow to ~1800 people and managed an engineering team of  ~40 people before leaving to start Flannel. Flannel’s mission was to unlock economic potential by modernizing our financial infrastructure. Flannel focussed on building infrastructure around modern faster payment rails such as RTP, OCT, and Zelle. Flannel exited to Plaid in early March 2021 to help deliver on their mission faster.

Arpan’s experience leading teams across every stage of company building has shaped a lot of his thinking around how to build products and think about scaling teams while maintaining an effective collaborative culture.

Outside of work, Arpan enjoys quiet hobbies such as reading, playing board games, cooking recipes mastered during the pandemic and walking his dog: Chai

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