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Pear Competition

$25K to launch your student startup

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What is Pear Competition?

A student startup competition in which each winning team will receive:

In 2020, 14 teams won and we plan to expand to more winners in 2021.

Who should apply?

Students who want to launch their startup and begin a relationship with Pear. At least one member of your team must be a current university student in the US or Canada.

No idea is too early to be considered. We're seeking dedicated founders with big ambitions.

How to apply?


March 22 application deadline

If you are interested in both Competition and Accelerator, then you can apply to both together through the Competition application (just check the relevant box in the application). You do not need to win Competition to be accepted into our Accelerator, and vice versa. 

About Pear

As founders, our team has built eight companies and we share that hands-on experience with the next generation. As investors, we have been fortunate to partner early with companies now valued at over $80B, including Doordash, Branch, Gusto, and Guardant Health.

Our strong belief in student founders is demonstrated by 49% of our portfolio companies being founded by students. Over the past seven years, we have formed a machine to support students who are building the next wave of category-defining companies. You can learn more about how we support founders here.

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