Pear Competition

$25K to launch your student startup in Fall 2021

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* Application deadline: Nov 7th

No idea is too early to win $25K uncapped

Winning applicants will receive $25K uncapped SAFE, no discount 

Plus, optional fast-track to partner meeting for Pear Accelerator at $10M valuation

14 startups each won $25K in 2020

Actionable feedback available to all applicants upon request

We see this as the start of a relationship with you and we aim to provide feedback to all applicants who want it. Our team has subsequently partnered with many successful startups who were not a fit initially.

If you do not win the $25K this time, there will be another Pear Competition in spring 2022. Beyond our university programs, we also partner with founders through Pear Accelerator and lead Seed rounds with up to $3M.

Who should apply?

Student entrepreneurs who want to launch their startup and begin a relationship with Pear. 

No idea is too early to be considered, and you do not need to be incorporated to apply. We're seeking dedicated founders with big ambitions. 

At least one member of your team must be a current student at either Stanford or Harvard to qualify for Competition in fall 2021. We will have more capacity in spring 2022 and Pear Competition will be open to all students then.

Whats the process?

Apply by the deadline and we will send you options for time to pitch your idea.

All applications receive a response. Winners are confirmed soon after you pitch. 

If you are interested in both Pear Competition and Pear Accelerator, then you can apply to both together through the Competition application (just check the relevant box in the application). You do not need to win Competition to be accepted into Pear Accelerator, and vice versa.

What’s special about Pear’s university programs?

Pear is a thriving early-stage fund with a history of championing students alongside our experienced founders. 

We believe that the best founders have clarity of thought, a guiding mission, and unrelenting perseverance. Our team seeks to partner with serial entrepreneurs (Guardant, Gusto, Local Kitchens), experienced industry operators (Vanta, ixlayer, Fam), and students (Doordash, Aurora, Affinity) who embody those founder characteristics.

We know that students can execute as well as our experienced founders when given early support, so we designed programs to share our knowledge and network to accelerate their growth as entrepreneurs. 

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