Pear Competition

$100K uncapped to launch your student startup

Application to open January 2023

No idea is too early to win $100K uncapped SAFE

Actionable feedback available

What do winners receive?

Winning applicants will receive $100K uncapped SAFE, no discount 

Plus, an optional fast-track to partner meeting for Pear Accelerator at $10M valuation

10+ teams will win

What if I don't win this time?

We provide feedback on request to all applicants who are selected to interview.

This is the start of a relationship. Our team has subsequently partnered with many successful startups who were not a fit initially. We also partner with founders through Pear Accelerator and lead Seed rounds with up to $3M.

Who can apply?

Student entrepreneurs who want to launch their startup and begin a relationship with Pear. 

No idea is too early to be considered, and you do not need to be incorporated to apply. We're seeking dedicated founders with big ambitions. 

At least one member of your team must be a current student in the US or Canada.

How do I apply and what is the process?

1. Fill in the application form. It should take approximately 60-minutes
2. 15 minute interview with a Pear investor, without slides, soon after you apply
3. 20-30 minute interview with Pear partners
4. Pear makes a decision on making an offer

All applications receive a response. Winners are confirmed soon after you pitch.

Interviews are held on a rolling basis, so better to apply sooner. We currently hold most interviews via Zoom. We might also ask you for more information or follow-up questions via email, though we aim to minimize the burden on you.

When are the application deadlines?

March 6th.

If your team spans across multiple campuses or industries, you can choose the best deadline for you. Interviews are held on a rolling basis and we will have more time earlier in the cycle, so better to apply sooner.

Who will view my application?

The Pear team only.

Can I apply to both Competition and Accelerator together?

If you are interested in both Pear Competition and Pear Accelerator, then you can apply to both together through the Competition application (just check the relevant box in the application). You DO NOT need to win Competition to be accepted into Pear Accelerator, and vice versa.

What is the difference between Pear's Pitch Practice, Competition, and Accelerator programs?

Pitch Practice is an event in which six entrepreneurs each share a 3-minute pitch in front of an audience and receive live feedback from a panel of experienced VCs provide.

Competition is an application for a $100K uncapped SAFE. The Pear team reviews your application and selects winners through light interview process. Winning teams receive $100K and have the option to be fast-tracked to a Pear Accelerator partner interview.

Accelerator is a small cohort program that is tailored to systematically de-risk your business over 3-months, culminating in a demo day to hundreds of top investors . Teams receive $500-750K and the attention of the Pear team. Our team of experienced entrepreneurs collaborate with you to attain product market fit, close customers, recruit first hires, and raise a healthy seed round.

What is special about Pear's university programs?

Pear is a thriving early-stage fund with a history of championing students alongside our experienced founders. 

We believe that the best founders have clarity of thought, a guiding mission, and unrelenting perseverance. Our team seeks to partner with serial entrepreneurs (Guardant, Gusto, Local Kitchens), experienced industry operators (Vanta, ixlayer, Fam), and students (Doordash, Aurora, Affinity) who embody those founder characteristics.

We know that students can execute as well as our experienced founders when given early support, so we designed programs to share our knowledge and network to accelerate their growth as entrepreneurs. 

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