Pear Dorm supports students to build the next wave of category-defining companies.

Pear Dorm is our proposition specifically designed to support students and recent graduates to build companies. We aim to supplement your academic experience with entrepreneurial support.

We provide students

Over the past 7 years, we have invested in 120+ student founders that have now raised over $700M from Pear and other top-tier investors.

Student Founders
Capital Raised

Pear Competition

$25K cash to launch

What: $25K uncapped SAFE to launch your start-up. No idea is too early. More than 10 student teams win.

Who: Students who want to launch their startup and begin a relationship with Pear.

When: Applications open in January and close in early March.

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Pear Garage

US Top 25 Engineering Students

What: Garage is a highly-selective community for engineering students who want to learn the business side of startups. We will provide you with mentorship and resources to find problems and develop world-changing solutions.

Who: Top 25 entrepreneurial engineering students in the US.

When: Applications are open now.

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Pear Fellows

VC Apprenticeship

What: Apprenticeship in early-stage venture capital. Pear Fellows work directly with Pear’s Investment Partners to learn how we find, pick, and help the best founders.

Who: Students seeking to develop their knowledge and reputation in venture capital. Currently at Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, and Penn.

When: Applications open at the start of the school year.

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