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January 27, 2021

12:30 pm

on Zoom

Disrupting Healthcare Insurance


Mario Schlosser

Oscar Health, CEO Cofounder

Mario founded the health insurer Oscar to 'make health care easy'. Oscar now helps over 400,000 members navigate their health care. He previously cofounded the largest social gaming company in LatAm, and worked at Bridgewater Associates and McKinsey. During his time as a Stanford visiting scholar, he authored 10 CS publications, including one of the most-cited CS papers published in the past decade. Mario CS degree from the University of Hannover and an MBA from HBS.

Oscar is a health insurance company offering telemedicine, modern UX, and transparent claims pricing systems.

Join us as Mario shares advice for aspiring and current entrepreneurs!


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Disrupting Healthcare Insurance

Mario Schlosser

Oscar Health, CEO Cofounder

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