Pear Fellows

Your VC apprenticeship with a leading, early-stage venture team

Harvard, MIT, Penn, and Berkeley applications due September 10th.
Stanford applications due November 6th.

Fellows collaborate directly with our investment team

We share our company building beliefs and investment approach through our Pear Venture Summit in San Francisco (November '22). Fellows learn further through shadowing Pear investors and leading their own initiatives.

Who should apply?

The program is highly selective and dedicated to students who are genuinely motivated to support entrepreneurs and develop their skills in venture. We want to collaborate with proactive people who think independently. The ideal candidate should demonstrate a strong entrepreneurial network or industry expertise, as well as be willing to help us build our firm. 

The Fellows program is limited to specific campuses to ensure that our investment team can meet Fellows in person and provide focused attention. We are currently seeking Fellows at Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, and Penn.

What’s special about Pear’s university programs?

As a Pear Fellow, you will be joining a thriving early-stage fund with a history of championing students alongside our experienced founders. 

We believe that the best founders have clarity of thought, a guiding mission, and unrelenting perseverance. Our team seeks to partner with serial entrepreneurs (Guardant, Gusto, Local Kitchens), experienced industry operators (Vanta, ixlayer, Fam), and students (Doordash, Aurora, Affinity) who embody these founder characteristics.

We know that students can execute as well as our experienced founders when given early support, so we designed programs to share our knowledge and network to accelerate their growth as entrepreneurs. 

Pear Fellows Alumni

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