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Pear Fellows

VC Bootcamp

Applications will reopen at the start of the academic year.


The Fellows program is an apprenticeship in early-stage venture capital.

Fellows work directly with the Pear investment team across the venture process of sourcing, diligence, and portfolio support. We are also generalists and evaluate startups right across consumer, enterprise, lifesciences, and deeptech. This program offers broad opportunity and is designed for each Fellow to tailor their own learning experience -- you can actively focus on a specific industry area or stage of the venture process. In addition to learning about venture, this is also an opportunity to leverage Pear to extend your network and build your personal VC brand.

Fellows Venture Summit: We bring all new Fellows together from across US universities for a training day in Palo Alto. We run a workshop to share how we invest and present opportunities for them to collaborate with our team.

Fellows’ opportunities range across sourcing, diligence, and portfolio support. If you make a successful introduction, you can be engaged in a deal from the introduction and first meeting through to diligence and then agreeing terms.


  • Fostering the entrepreneurial community and building your brand alongside Pear through organizing events such as talks, dinners, seminars, and office hours.

  • Screening investment opportunities and joining meetings with founders.

  • Deep-diving into startup diligence or industry research.

  • Attending Monday deaflow meetings.

  • Supporting portfolio companies based on your interests and expertise.

Who should apply

Students seeking to develop their knowledge and reputation in venture capital.

We want people who can be Pear ambassadors on campus, people who are genuinely interested in helping founders, and who show initiative.

We aim to maximize diversity of Fellows across different backgrounds, interests, and degrees. We are not looking for specific experience in startups or investing.

We have limited the program to five campuses to ensure individual Fellows maximise their exposure to the Pear investment partners. To apply, you must be a student at Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, or Penn.


Fellows are expected to commit a few hours per week, depending on the academic calendar.
We expect a nine-month minimum in the role, and some Fellows compound their responsibility over multiple years.

When to apply

Applications reopen at the start of the academic year.

Current Pear Fellows

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