Pear Garage

A community for 25 entrepreneurial engineering students to discover meaningful problems and then launch products to solve them 🚀


Applications are due October 7th

Garage members learn how to find meaningful problems and build solutions through collaborating with the Pear team and our network

Learn tactical company building with the Founders and Partners of Pear VC 🍐

Talking to Customers

Co-founder, CTO of Cariden Technologies

Arash Afrakhteh

Finding a Cofounder

3x Cofounder

Mar Hershenson


Co-founder, CEO of Wedding Party

Ajay Kamat

Sales Strategy 101

Co-CEO of Chartboost

Pepe Agell

Product Market Fit

Co-founder, CEO of Charlie Finance

Ilian Georgiev

Your Tech Stack

Director of Engineering

Addison Leong

Who are we looking for?

Notable Alumni


Companies Founded

“The biggest benefit of doing Pear Garage was access to the Pear team. Before Garage, I didn’t have such constant support and mentorship from people that were already in the VC and startup world. I was just on my own and it was really nice to know that people cared about me and my idea.”

- Akshaya Dinesh, Garage '20
“There is this really enthralling point in time when you’re building a business, but also really scary simultaneously. There is overwhelming uncertainty. There are a lot of problems you have to have solved. Garage took that seminal formative stage of the company and made it super exciting — gave you a community that you felt you had a deep connection to and a network of friends that you knew from the get go would become friends for life, made it feel like you weren’t alone."

- Ray Zhou, Garage '14, Cofounder CEO of Affinity
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