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Pear Garage

From Hacker to CEO

Applications will reopen at the start of the academic year.


  • The Top 25 Entrepreneurial Software Engineers in the US.

  • Must be Class of 2021 or 2022 (undergrad or Masters).

  • Must be committed to spending 3 hours per month on Pear Garage.


  • Exclusivity: be one of the top 25 entrepreneurial software engineers in the country

  • Cash: each member gets $1,000 in cash + free software credits (Notion, Gusto, Google Cloud, etc)

  • Startup 101: learn how to go from hacker to CEO. You will discuss content monthly with the Pear team and your fellow Garage members.

  • Community: moderated group check ins each month to discuss what projects you are working on. You will also have access to an active Slack channel.

Pear Garage Alumni

Companies Founded
Raised Series A
Raised Seed
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