Ian Taylor


As a child I often awoke before the dawn, eager for the day to start. At 5.30am in 1990s Wales, the BBC filled its earliest television slots with reruns of Open University classes. Through which I heard about geometry. evolution of horses, batch processing, and other topics I didn’t quite understand at the time. This led to me to ask my parents and older siblings many questions. I’m grateful that they gave me books and told me to find the answers. Then as my teens began, the internet arrived and I became a superuser of Ask Jeeves! (The first internet search I recall making was: Why are the Simpsons yellow?)

I studied engineering at Durham and UC Berkeley, followed by a stint designing gas turbines in Switzerland. Then after working in commercial due diligence and venture capital in London, I returned to the US to attend Stanford GSB, where I met the Pear team. 

I love working with founders to navigate the maze at the early stage. I strive to help entrepreneurs to determine  the most important questions for their business and to plan experiments to answer them. I also head Pear's programs for student entrepreneurs

I grew up in a Welsh village, amongst forests and fields, and I continue to sate my craving for the outdoors through cycling and hiking.

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