We partner with seed stage founders from all experience levels, backgrounds, and industries.

Who We Partner With

Pear partners with founders of all experience levels and backgrounds, from startup veterans such as Lou Montulli, inventor of the cookie and founding engineer of Netscape, to fresh college students such as Paige Brown, founder of Windborne. Our founders hail from every inhabited continent -- Silicon Valley natives, immigrants like much of our team, and entrepreneurs building international businesses.

While our founders are diverse in many ways, they share a common determination to shape the world through their companies, and we are honored to help them achieve their visions.

How We Partner

When we partner with  you with as a founder, we become an extension of your team. Learn more about the way we help our teams in Why Us.

We generally provide $500K to $3M at seed stage. We also partner with pre-seed stage founders through Pear Accelerator.

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