We've founded 8 companies and invested early in startups now worth over $90B. We can help you build a company from the ground up.

We help you lay the foundations of a defensible, category-defining company.

Building a category-defining company is daunting. We know how to get through the “0 to 1” journey.

At 0 you have an idea but no product nor customer, and we focus on validating customer demand, market dynamics, and building an MVP.  At 0.5 you have gained early customer love and we focus on transitioning t0 structured company building.  At 1 you have demonstrated a scalable business model and a large market opportunity, and we ready you to raise a Series A and beyond.



Idea Stage

Invest $250K - $1M



Product Love

Invest $750K - $3M



Product Market Fit

Follow on $1M - $5M

We are company-builders, having founded 8 companies ourselves. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and help! Through having helped hundreds of companies, we’ve developed a deep understanding of what it takes to transform a mere idea into a high-growth business.



We first invest at pre-seed or seed rounds, and then aim to invest in every round up to IPO. We are often the first check and generally lead investments.

In future rounds, we personally guide you on seed and series A fundraising: we review and iterate on your messaging and pitch deck, run “mock investor” meetings, and make introductions to appropriate investors. We also teach you how to run your process across multiple investors, and how to handle the nuances of “investor etiquette” that no one teaches you!



Hiring great people is an evergreen challenge even in the best companies.

At Pear, our network becomes your network. We have relationships in all roles and seniorities through our university programs and industry contacts. The extended Pear community brings people of all seniorities and disciplines together. Some people even build their careers going from company to company in the Pear network!

Beyond contacts, we help you run a great recruiting process, reviewing your job reqs, providing intelligence on what’s working and not, compensation data, and meeting with key candidates as part of the “closing” process if you need a little more help.

Through the years, we’ve helped founders to hire in every role and every seniority --  ops, sales, marketing, engineering, data science, to business development.


Product & Growth

Building a company is hard. With Pear on your side, we guide you through the hoops of customer development and GTM. From establishing product-market fit to launch day, we’re there to help you build incredible products that people love. Ways that we help include:

  • We’re on your board from Day 1
  • Access to our Operating Partners to help you scale
  • Workshops and speaker series
  • Access to our exceptional network of potential hires, customers, investors, and partners
  • Over $250k in startup resources Seed stage playbooks.

Seed stage playbooks.


Community & Network

We hold 100+ events per year — from info sessions to speaker series to founder socials. When you team up with Pear, you join a thriving community of creators, innovators, and other amazing people. As a member of our network, you gain access to potential hires, customers, investors, partners, and friends!

Read our Community page for more information.

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